Your Ultimate Solution for Low Energy Building

Soaring energy prices and concern about climate change from man-made emissions of carbon dioxide have propelled energy efficiency to the top of the agenda globally. Daily, more and more greenhouse gases are generated through human activities which includes the burning of fossil fuel, land-use change and agriculture. Gasses such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides and methane, form a blanket around the earth’s atmosphere.

These gases trap and reflect the re-radiated solar energy from the sun, similar to the greenhouse effect of letting the sunshine in but stopping the heat from escaping. Over time, this causes an increase in the overall temperature of the earth, known as global warming. Climate change is the direct result of global warming, affecting people’s health, changes in food and water supplies, melting of glaciers which cause coastal flooding, interruption of ocean’s ecosystems and severe droughts in various places. If less energy is consumed, the amount of fossil fuel burned will also be reduced. As a result, there will be less emission of greenhouse gasses which can ultimately reduce the threat of global warming.