Fire Safety


A big part of our life is spent in buildings, at home or our place of work; which are supposed to ensure our comfort and safety. At the same time, each year there are many building fires resulting in deaths and significant financial losses. While no building can be designed to guarantee against fire, the use of mineral wool insulation in the building can ensure some comfort should the worst happen.

Fire safety requirements need to be based on safety of life, means of escape, fire inhibition, the preseveration of structural stability as well as adequate access for fire-fighters to save lives, in and around buildings. Therefore, the choice of the optimum insulation material used in a building is a vital decision. While the benefits of having non-combustible insulation are not always immediately apparent, an occurrence of fire in a building can have catastrophic impact.

Due to the nature of the raw materials, mineral wool insulation is able to withstand very high temperatures to provide the vital extra minutes to save people, properties and businesses