Thermal Comfort


On a sunny day in Malaysia, the roof temperature can go up as high as 70ºC. Without insulation the extreme heat can penetrate into the building where the occupants find it uncomfortable and difficult to work or live.

Insulation works effectively in hot as well as in cold climates. It function in a similar way as a thermal flask- by keeping the coolness from escaping and the outside heat from penetrating into the building. Insulation works through layers of materials (in this case, mineral wool) covering and insulating areas of the buildings to keep rooms cooler for longer periods and thereby cut down the use of electricity for cooling.

A recent study undertaken by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UiTM) found that by merely installing mineral wool insulation on the ceiling of a house, the indoor temperature can be reduced by up to 5°C. Mineral wool insulation helps to increase the indoor comfort level, even without the use of air conditioning.

Insulation helps to give better indoor comfort and contributes to healthier living. Studies in various countries have shown that occupants living in well insulated homes become sick less frequently, and as a result performs with higher productivity and efficiency.